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Covfefe Break

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 13, 2017, 7:21 AM

Another month has come and gone. I'm returning to Canada after my 3-month trial period of teaching English in Japan because I needed to upgrade my certificate.

Now that's gone out of the way, I'm going to do more drafting once I have more free time on my talons. I also had the pleasure of solo-travel and meditation retreats, and those were really awe-inspiring. Since my writing will be non-fiction, I highly doubt anybird would even bother to read any of it, but I'll still post it here nonetheless, which might serve as the foundation of my book if I end up publishing this kind of stuff.

So here's the basic layout of my draft:

First I think it's best to address the fundamentals principle of ego, self VS non-self, as well as self-image. This stuff is absolutely crucial because that's how you break down problems you encounter into small chunks which can be dealt with one at a time.

Second is to see through the shams of "reality". Here I'm going to explain how the reality that you experience is actually a mish-mash of pure reality plus a layer of your own interpretation on top of it. This chapter is where most of the aforementioned breakdown begins and I'm going to throw in a few samples as well as my own personal experiences to help clarify some basic applications.

After these two chapters I'm going to explain the concept of perspectives and how to shift between different perspectives to see the world in a much bigger picture. I might not be able to spend a lot of time here because trying to cover everything I can think of is too time-consuming.

The last thing I can think of right now is nothing is good or bad, and how to take advantage of anything that you may think as a disadvantage and flip it on its head and turn the negatives into positives, using the perspective shift in the previous chapter, of course.

I'll do the writing first, and I might be able to add a few pieces of illustrations later on. But until the first draft is done, don't expect any related artwork from me just yet.

By the way, I've also cut down my activity on twitter to a minimum. The whole thing about social media is more of a distraction than anything useful. I'll rant about social networks later so if anybird is still following me feel free to take a sneak peek at it on my stash.


Drafting the second chapter now. I really wish I can work on a more consistent schedule but the transition from visual art to literature is really challenging for me.
Running into some delays in getting the first draft down.
I'm doing proofreading on my own now, and it's my first time doing creative writing since high school. If everything goes smoothly I should publish the draft of my first chapter as well as my outline for my second chapter.
Also, I've changed my artist status to literature.
I'm expecting to post the draft of my first chapter on July 1st.
Finished migrating all my old art, including source files of various formats, to my stash.
If anybird is interested in downloading anything, I can provide stash links.
Just ask.
Cleaning up the rest of my gallery, and I'll be officially out of DA by tomorrow.


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Bye, Hina! It was nice of you to show off your deviations. ;) 
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