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Hikaru Redesigned by hinawashi Hikaru Redesigned by hinawashi
This time I decided to give him a proper cat tail, instead of the old rabbit-like stubby tail.

Anyways, this is Hikaru Uoza (魚座光) from back in the day. He represents the element Helium. I may not have published a lot about his back story, so I'm going to post it here. Hikaru is going to be the main character when it comes to explaining things.

Hikaru is a 10-year-old seraph (top rank angel) from Heaven. He was originally trained to be an archer, but his skills were hit and miss, with emphasis on the miss. He was eventually sent to Earth to learn how to giving blessings to humans (in my story they were animals). His best friend in Heaven at that time was Titan (who represent titanium), a gate guardian who was known for his ability to create fake copies of himself so he can avoid guard duty. After Hikaru was sent to Earth, he was promptly enrolled in Holy Tree Yggdrasil Airport Elementary School in Grade 4 Group A (Class 4-A).

The Holy Tree Yggdrasil itself is a enormous tree that grows over a hidden hot spring that was buried deep underground. The tree had grown to the size so that the treetop canopy can support the weight of an entire city which entry depends entirely on aircraft. Because of this, it tends to be more isolated than other cities on the surface. Nevertheless, Yggdrasil City was a crucial terminal for merchants to exchange their goods. Yggdrasil draws water from the underground hot spring through its roots, many of which were tapped into and reconstructed into aqueducts to supply its inhabitants with hot water.

Although Hikaru has too keep studying, he also has to work in the cafeteria as a cook (as mandatory extracurricular activity). Hikaru knows a lot about fish and all sorts of seafoods, which made him quite skillful at handling aquatic products. The long cleaver he's holding in this picture is what he uses to chop up fish. He would throw dozens of fish in the air, and unleash a fast combo of slashes to reduce them into bite-sized chunks.

In addition to his cleaver, Hikaru can also use his special move: Alpha Beam. Hikaru concentrates a red-hot alpha particle beam onto his opponent and incinerate them with its intense searing heat. He can also use a skill called Swordfish, which he summons a fish skeleton from the cafeteria waste bucket and wields it as a sword.

Hikaru's personality is quite inquisitive. Although he is quite prone to extreme emotions such as angry and fear, he puts on a normal attitude most of the time. When he's doing his homework, he tends to be absorbed into his studies and he can get quite angry when he is disturbed. He shares the same room with Ecchi-chan, whose immaturity annoys him to no end.

Oh, and another thing about angels: Angels have ichor flowing in their veins instead of regular blood. Although ichor and blood are visually indistinguishable, ichor will not freeze or boil when exposed to heat or cold and will always remain as a liquid. This renders angels extremely resistant to both fire and ice.
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