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Traditional Art Report and News

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 14, 2017, 12:05 AM

I bought a small sample of cadmium red from M. Graham & Co. the other day and I played around with it a little bit and it absolutely blew me away. The glitter paint I got from Osaka was nothing compared to this stuff, and it makes the glitters look like what hatchlings would play with.

Those artist's watercolors are quite expensive though, with the cadmium and cobalt pigments being the most expensive (about $15 for a half-ounce tube). Because of this I'm planning on buying a small set of paints starting with Naples yellow, viridian, Prussian blue, mineral violet and titanium white. I almost never use the color black for some reason which really gave me a hard time trying to color something that's all or mostly black like Nyabii or Zoroa, and I use a mixture of deep blue and violet instead, which is why they look kind of off when scanned.

I also got myself a new sketchbook since the old one had all the pages filled in. This new one has 150g/m2 paper which is much better than before. I can now draw on both sides without worrying about paint bleeding over.

I still don't know if all this investment is worth it though, because I don't offer any commissions so there's no way for me to cover these costs. Another concern I have is whether I will be able to return to digital art after spending so much time and effort on traditional art. I tried to pick up my tablet pen the other day and everything started to feel unnatural and I wasn't able to convince myself that going back to digital art is possible anymore.

As for my literature studies, I can't stick to my old schedule anymore. Instead of writing a book chapter by chapter, I decided that the best way to record my birdsonal growth is to keep a dynamic journal which contents can be updated at any time. The main problem with keeping a regular journal is that whenever I make progress the old entries quickly become outdated. The main idea of keeping such a journal is to maintain an up-to-date model of my understanding, instead of recording historical facts that happened at a certain point in time.

Think of how we tried to understand how electrons worked. First there was the raisin-on-bread model where the atom was the bread and the electrons were like raisins embedded in it, then there was the solar system model where the electrons orbited around the nucleus like planets. Now we have the quantum model with electrons being shapes which occupy a space with a certain probability of finding the electron in it. But the big picture is, those are only models that help people come up with better theories which enable us to predict the behavior of electrons, and maybe one day the quantum model will become obsolete as well and replaced with a better model.

I'm not saying that the older models are wrong in any way. We may thing of the raisin-on-bread model as ludicrous nowadays, but that's a necessary stepping stone towards today's quantum model. So is the game of birdsonal development and pretty much everything that requires discovery in general. The beauty of a dynamic journal is the ability to constantly update the current model as well as keeping a record of past models in order to pave the way towards newer models.


I'll still be here, just not updating any contents. Feel free to talk to me if you want to, either by notes or leaving a comment on my wall.
Sorry about not writing July's monthly report on time. I totally forgot about it.
I'll give a quick rundown on my thoughts tomorrow.
Drafting the second chapter now. I really wish I can work on a more consistent schedule but the transition from visual art to literature is really challenging for me.
Running into some delays in getting the first draft down.
I'm doing proofreading on my own now, and it's my first time doing creative writing since high school. If everything goes smoothly I should publish the draft of my first chapter as well as my outline for my second chapter.
Also, I've changed my artist status to literature.
I'm expecting to post the draft of my first chapter on July 1st.


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